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Menswear producing
BJS has been producing men’s vesture since 2019 in Punjab . Agency fabricates its own assortment also as different big retailer’s collections at the very best production volume, quality craft and provides quick delivery. All essential information and repair relating to menswear is provided to purchasers by agency. We have premium production quality and our factories area unit operating in accordance with all human and labour rights. Quality is that the priority of agency production method, therefore, QC ( Quality Control) Team plays a elementary role to provide the simplest service. three varieties of men’s vesture production area unit enforced in agency.

Wholesale Order with agency whole In this kind of producing, agency produces all its men attire below its own whole and puts the gathering into its own stock. The designs area unit given to the franchisees and wholesale menswear consumers so as to receive bulk orders and production requests as presently because the skilled photos of the gathering area unit taken. there's MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) of all product teams to be qualifed for wholesale costs and potential consumers are hep during this regard by our sales agents.

Production of agency assortment along with your whole emblem In this kind of personal Label production, you select merchandise from agency assortment and these merchandise are manufactured along with your name. The designs that you simply choose to be made won't be provided to the other brands in your region. Your whole emblem are made by our team. vesture provider provides personal Label production to several native and international brands and boutiques. Manufacturing of Your Own assortment along with your whole Label In this kind of personal Label production, agency fabricates exclusive collections of worldwide proverbial brands also as local brands. we have a tendency to area unit able to manufacture the material vogue and blends that you simply would really like to own in your own menswear assortment in Turkey. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) of this kind of production is comparatively on top of Wholesale Order with agency whole from ready-stock and personal Label production of agency assortment. agency makes this type of production to lots of world's leading brands and native brands. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information regarding menswear production

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